You can truly find whatever you’d like to find on the internet.

You want to use ice because it will make your pain go away and get you back in the gym? Heck yeah! Find me an article!! It’s not hard!

Oh wait? You don’t want to use ice because it’s not good for you before you workout and it’s a useless modality? Sure thing! Go find that article too! Guess what… it’s also not hard to find!

Research is awesome! Scientific articles are awesome! BOOKS ARE AWESOME!

But there’s a reason why Physical Therapists enjoy going to school for so long!I enjoyed learning and becoming specialized in how the human body moves!

Everyone at Amplify (all Doctors of physical therapy) spent YEARS becoming specialized in movement of the human body!

We did this so you don’t have to get on google, web MD, or tik tok to self diagnose and correct!

We did this so we can make this process simple, easy, and as painfree as possible!

We did this to help you NOT GET INJURED (or) HELP FIX THE INJURY!

So let us do our jobs! We are here to help!

Reach out at 615-454-1581 or

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