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This client owned custom gave me a run for my money. But in the end, I overcame the 80s orange. Built from solid Black Cherry wood, it can be difficult to alter the natural red hues. To achieve this finish we did this:

• Cut the trim off the bottom with a jigsaw
• Full strip using Klean Strip, product and tools linked in our Amazon
• Finish sand with 220 grit using our @dewalttough sander, also available in our Amazon
• Paint washed with @generalfinishes Alabaster (appx 1 cup water to 1 tbsp paint), followed with a stain wash with GF Provincial and Graystone water based stain. 50/50 mix. Available in our Etsy.
• Sealed with GF High Performance Top Coat in Flat
• Cup pulls from Hibby Lobby
• Knobs and drawer liners linked in our Amazon

Bonus tip – to conceal the holes from the previous handles on the doors we used wood from the trim we cut to make dowels to plug the holes and then used the stain to feather over it and blend.
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