Tennessee Kids Co.—Nolensville, TN
My goodness! @tnkidsco went through a big transformation this year! We went to their opening day at the beginning of March, but the facility hardly looks the same! They’ve added a third level, expanded the ball pit, set up charging stations and comfy seats for parents, added lockers and shoe caddies, and brought in loads of new equipment for the kids. When they first opened I had some concerns about the set up, but they’ve fixed any troublesome spots. It looks so different that I felt I had to do a new review!

We met our friends (@tnartyard ) there (along with seemingly every other family in Nashville 😅) and let the kids run off their pent-up energy. Even Everett had a good time sitting in the ball pit and watching the floating fish.

I spoke to the owner, Isaac, and he said this week is especially packed because of winter break. On their busiest days, they typically only have HALF the amount of kids we saw today. So maybe wait till school starts again to visit 🥴 He said weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings are the least busy times.

Open Monday-Saturday, 9am-7pm
💲Ages 1-2 are $10; ages 3-10 are $15; up to two adults are free with each paid child. Additional adults are $5 each

🏃‍♂️Difficulty: Easy
Lots of parking available. When it’s not crowded, there is enough room for a stroller. Not wheelchair accessible. The climbing equipment has features for every age of mobility

— The only soft play indoor playground in Nolensville
— Unique, three-level climbing equipment
— Ball pit with conveyor belt
— Work stations/charging pads for parents
— Gated entrances to play area

— Just about every inch is utilized so there is not much negative space. Hard to track kids when it is crowded

💡Bright Ideas & Tips:
— Grab a membership to save money
— Don’t forget socks!
— Check their social media for PNO events

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