The biggest piece of advice I could give when it comes to deciding WHEN to build a house is to pick a time when this house will be the only major thing that is going on in your life.

➡️ I would not recommend getting married and building.

➡️ I would not recommend starting a new job and building. (That combination is one you would want to talk to your banker about too if it happens, as that could affect a loan.)

➡️ I would not recommend [insert major life event here] and building.

🚫👩🏻‍💻 For me, I had plans to start my website during this time. I learned quickly that more of my time was needed during this process than I realized, and I had to drop the idea of the website until after we were finished building, through the punch list drama, and somewhat settled into the house.

🏠 If you can avoid two stressors during this time, I would suggest it. Let home building be your sole focus.

🤔 For more thoughts on building a home, check out my blog post entitled “What I Wish I Knew Before Building A House” (🔗 in bio) or go to

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