The City is still accepting applications through March 6!…/pedestrian-bridge-at-harlinsda…CALL FOR ARTISTS! Description of the Art Opportunity The Franklin Public Arts Commission is using a bifurcated process for the public art commissioning approa…ch for the project. In an effort to create an opportunity for studio artists who have an interest in working in the public realm, FPAC is requesting that potential artists submit their qualifications and examples of work with references. The top three potential artists chosen will be invited to a virtual or an in-person interview with the FPAC. Each bridge panel to host the artwork measures 2.5 ft x 5 ft as seen in Exhibit A. The finalist must design and be mindful to create a sustainable piece of art that can be maintained, cleaned overtime and waterproof or water resistant as it will be subject to flooding. A biography of the artist will be located on each side of the bridge briefly explaining the idea of each piece.