The new year is a perfect time for a home refresh!
If your home feels a little bland and bare after taking the holiday decor down, a home refresh is just what you need!

Here are 3 ways to spruce up your space for the new year and keep that comfy cozy feeling in your home all winter long:

1. Change the layout of your furniture! Rearranging your furniture is an easy, cost-free way to change the entire vibe of any room.

2. Switch up your decor! Re-style your shelves and coffee table, get some new throw blankets + pillows, or replace an outdated light fixture.

3. Greenery is not just for the holiday season! Hang some fresh eucalyptus in the shower, make a floral arrangement using grocery store flowers, or bring home a new houseplant. Incorporating greenery will brighten up and breathe life into any space!