The Real- Estate Sector in USA is still red hot 🔥as one recent listing proves.

Mansion destroyed by fire last year and listed on Zillow was off the market within a week .
A recent listing on Zillow went viral recently after users spotted the highly unusual photos of a property that was ablaze. Despite its burnt status, which is likely to require extensive repair work, it went under contract within the week.
The story of the Franklin, Tenn., mansion, which was listed earlier this week for $1.5 million, photographed with flames coming off the roof, indicates that the housing market is still full of keen, interested buyers.
The Zillow listing’s photos show how extensive the fire damage was, as some of the rooms were filled with black soot.
“TRAGIC TOTAL LOSS by FIRE, of a CLASSIC MANSION !!! Sold As is !!,” the listing read.
Τhe owner, Danny Duvall, had decided to sell. He used these pictures below in the listing, which he took himself.
Duvall said 2 million people have seen the listing.
The listing was published last Tuesday, and received 15 calls in the first hour. By Friday afternoon, the house was under contract.
He declined to share how much he purchased the house for, and how much he sold it for.
The mansion’s fast-paced sale indicates that many home buyers are still on the prowl, looking for good properties. But there simply aren’t that many homes for sale around.

( MarketWatch News& Data article updated January 22 )

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