The Saunders-Marshall-Wright House (224 3rd Avenue South, Franklin) has a varied and interesting history. In 1805, a school was opened in the home. After changing hands several times, the house was sold to John Marshall, a lawyer and avid book collector. (A man after my own heart!) During the Battle of Franklin, a cannon ball hit the rear wall of the first level, sending bricks flying across the room into an armoire. The cannon ball and armoire remain in the house today!
Park, Marshall’s son, was elected mayor of Franklin nine times. He installed electricity in the house around 1900, but had it all ripped out and opted for kerosene lanterns instead. His reason? The electric lights disturbed him too much.💡#downtownfranklin #historichomes #oldhomes #franklintn #historicfranklin #franklintnhistory #tennessee #tennesseehistory #history #katieshandsauthor #saundersmarshallwrighthouse #architecture #southernliving