The wife often asks why I post on social media a lot and a lot of the times she’s right. Most of my posts are stupid and mean nothing. However, if you’re reading this and you usually dismiss my posts, please I ask you to read this. I’ve told you before that during my detox, I had a few what I thought were near death experiences. On my birthday night, I actually had a real life near death experience that will probably change me and the way I feel about the world forever. I’m gonna save you the long ass story for another day. However, the night of the birthday I experienced a major seizure that made me go into an unconscious state. I almost was brain dead, but in the process I met 2 people who gave me a decision. I made the decision to live and I’m still here today. I’ll relive more as the days go on and I get better, little by little… just know I’m now, beyond certain there a heaven and a bell and people are looking over you from beyond and are there for you during your transition from this life to the next. I never was gonna post this picture this last week. Found it silly. After Saturday night, silly means nothing to me anymore. Hug the ones you love, say you love them everytime you get a chance, be nice to everyone and smile and enjoy the life you had. Mine was almost gone #lifeafterdeathexperience #lifeafterdeath #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvillegram #nashvilletennessee #615 #bna #brentwoodtn #franklintn #coolspringstn #tennessee #chooselife