There is always more to learn! No matter how much we think we see or believe that we understand, we must constantly remember that we are probably missing more than we are getting.
I am always setting the bar higher for myself to continue to learn and evolve, and have always found mentors to learn from who do the same and seem light years ahead of me. As the new year begins, I’m so excited to finally start MAT RX certification program, which seems crazy that I am just now at a place to do it. I’ve been doing MAT for 20 years now, but life got in the way to prevent me from getting to this highest level. Even once I finish the RX program, I know there will always be higher levels to reach and much more to learn. This is exciting to me.
The people who know me best, know that I am never stagnant in what I do. One of my mentors, Tom Purvis, said it best: “the enemies of science are: ego, attachment, agenda, expectation, bias, hope, generalization, variables, trust, sound bites, and teams. Science is a process! Science itself must be a continual evolution!”
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