These 2 photos were literally two seconds apart today. I am both. I love both. However, when you see my pics on the socials you are mostly seeing snapshots of posed moments in life where I may be flexing or not bloated. I used to not love my body if it ever looked like the left, I wanted to walk around shredded at all hours of every day. Want to know what that took… more time and energy and effort than I am willing to take away from other, more important things in my life these days. Look at slide 2 which I screenshot from @biolayne’s story! I know tooooo many people (my old me included) who truly spend 95% of their life in the walls of the gym, dissecting every bite of food they eat, worried about an extra .02% body fat. I’ve said it before and will say it again… Your headstone WILL NOT list your body fat percentage. Your legacy WILL NOT be that you were better at denying yourself fun food to be 1% skinnier. True HEALTH is not who is lifting the most weight the most often (I see people literally unspoken competing with others around them at the gym at the detriment of good form). My approach these days both with myself and with my clients is much different. Each person gets workouts tailored to their spoken goals, needs, and lifestyles. And I simply try to educate on our different fuel sources called macronutrients. I teach people to know what each of the macros do and help them to look at meals that they already eat frequently to observe if they are indeed balanced or not. Knowledge is power. I eat ALL the things and I eat ALOT. There is nothing wrong with working hard towards goals, learning to eat healthier, going hard in the gym. I just hope that you spend more time doing OTHER things and that the amount of time you spend working on and thinking on your food/exercise don’t get in the way of the important things in life. Be healthy of both BODY AND MIND! Message me if you want to work together.
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