Tis the week before Christmas and all through my head, are playlists and class plans with lifts that are ‘dead’.
No, I’m not done with shopping, but that is on brand, cuz this ADD brain does not stick with a plan.
I’d much rather be thinking of what socks I will wear, for each outfit for class is considered with care.
This gal might be just a lil bit cray, but she loves dressing up for each holiday.
So bust out your sassy shirts and/or socks because dressing up for the festivities rocks.
There’s so many classes to choose from this week. Grab a friend and let’s ride, squat and lift to the beat!

I hope you enjoy every moment this week, and remember with every gift that you seek,
The reason for the season is the one in front of you, so lead with kindness in everything you do.
We’re all in this together from the clerks in the store to the server with drinks and the shoppers galore.
May love and light and joy guide your way and always make room for a dash of cray. 😘

Hope to see you this week! Let me know if you need a guest pass! ❤️