Top 5 things for your baby registry!

In reality the baby only needs you and whatever kind of diapers you choose, but here are 5 things I recommend on top of that!
1. Lactation professional 🤱🏻👨‍🍼: even if you choose to bottle feed you will be able to catch onto anything that may need to be addressed right away (i.e. ties, feeding therapy, allergies, etc.)
2. Oral tie professional 😝: most can make an appt on due date. But I would suggest not waiting because if you end up needing it, there might be a wait.
3. Postpartum doula👩🏻: we are not talking just anyone to help. Someone who can read the room, who can make you warm meal, tea, bath, and love on you with no judgement.
4. Biological Baby Education📚: not a normal newborn class (though helpful). Someone who is going to talk about why babies cry, how babies wake at night and why, and how to support them as an individual person.
5. Placenta Encapsulation 💊: because who doesn’t like to have an extra tool in the tool box.

I do 4/5 of these services. I have spend the last 9 years pouring myself into being what I know I needed 10 years ago. If I can’t help you I will spend the time to find you someone who can. I love my families big, and want you to be loved on too! Message me for details ☺️

🐯What was/is the most unused baby product you were told you “had to have”
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