UPDATE: According to Franklin Fire Marshal Andy King, an explosion yesterday that was heard and felt by many people originated at the Williamson County Highway Department’s rock quarry, located at 302 Beasley Dr. The county’s quarry is not associated with the neighboring quarry owned by Vulcan Materials.

King said that Dyno Nobel, a private licensed blasting company contracted by the county, was preparing for a planned/routine blast yesterday, when it appeared to have a catastrophic failure. King said Dyno Nobel had drilled a single hole to place explosive material in. The hole did not hold the explosive slurry as planned; instead, it seeped into the ground below. According to procedure, more explosives were loaded into the cavity to complete the shot. When fired, the hole blew out, causing a significant air pressure change that was heard and felt across much of Franklin and Cool Springs. King said the explosion exceeded the 140dB noise limit set by the state. He said it also launched large pieces of rock onto adjacent properties up to 2,000 feet away, in violation of state law.

King said that although fly rock did leave the property, there were no reported injuries. “This incident was noticeable and disruptive, but we are fortunate that no one was hurt.” King said seismographs were being used and will be considered in the State Fire Marshal’s full investigation.

The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office has jurisdiction over blasting and continues to investigate this incident. Please contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office to report blasting damage or related concerns by following this link:

https://www.tn.gov/commerce/resources-services/file-a-complaint.html (select “Blaster/Explosives Handler”).