Want to buy but stuck in a lease?

So were Austin and Heather! They thought that they’d have to wait their lease out before buying their first home even though they really wanted to start their search!

With some negotiations and talking to their leasing office- they were able to break their lease early and we were able to make up for some of that expense by finding them the perfect house and then negotiating so that their out of pocket at closing was lower!

Moral of the story? You’ll never know if you don’t ask. I pride myself in being solution oriented, and for every problem I promise there is a solution.

If you’re ready to buy, but have concerns or things stopping you- just ask me! There are ways for you to get ahead of your search and possibly be moving way sooner than you thought possible, just like these two!

Congratulations on your first home, Heather and Austin!! It’s a pleasure to have been your realtor and now to call you friends!