We are hiring! We have multiple openings and we are not getting enough applicants. If you know someone QUALITY with a strong work ethic, send them our way.

Administrative Assistant – this person reports directly to our director Ondrea Johnson. This role would perform duties like: prepare packets of things for meetings, set appointments, keep track of things our director’s to-do list and assist in accomplishing those things. General organizational skills. A knowledge of the county and community would be a huge plus.

Kennel Manager – this person manages about 20 full and part time employees. A knowledge of animal welfare is a MUST. Experience managing people is also non-negotiable. Our director needs someone who can be trusted to guide employees thoughtfully when they need to improve but who will also be an advocate and cheerleader when they are doing a great job or need assistance. If you have dynamic people skills, MUST LOVE PEOPLE as well as animals, our director would love to speak with you.

Animal Control Officer x 2- we have two openings in this fast paced environment. The primary function of this position is the enforcement and education of animal welfare laws. We have a strong team in this department. This position requires excellent judgment, patience, compassion, and bravery. There are nights and weekends involved, particularly when officers are are on-call. Applicants must be willing and physically able to deal with aggressive animals, partner and support law enforcement, work with the District Attorneys office and appear in court, excellent writing skills for reports and legal documentation of animal related open cases. This person handles confidential information and works closely with many other county departments so discretion and discernment are key elements of this role.

All of our positions require interaction with animals in a structured and process driven environment. Applicants must be comfortable with and value the lives of animals, but also have an understanding that we serve animals through serving the people who care for them. Apply online – Link in bio!
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