Would you like to know specific, kind, and loving verbiage to communicate with people you feel are being passive-aggressive or crossing boundaries?

I do this when I mentor people through boundaries, but sometimes people just need a few good responses or statements to have in their pocket when the situation arises (and it will).

DM me (it will always be anonymous) some examples, and I will post (in a story or reel) how you could respond and get a positive conversation going. You can also just request a message back, and I will help if I can that way, too.

Boundaries have become a buzzword and often is used in the wrong context.

✨I want to help clear the air and show you that boundaries are healthy, kind, and bring peace. 🫶🏼

Let me give you an example:
⏩️Situation: one sibling always comes to you to discuss (vent) about the other sibling, and it makes you uncomfortable.
⏩️You can say: “I wish I had the answers for you as to why they do what they do, but I just don’t. I feel like if you explained how you feel directly to them, you could try to work through it instead of sweeping it under the rug. I love both of you, and it gets uncomfortable being in the middle.”

Can you think of a current situation in your life that lacks boundaries? Drop a ✋🏻 if so!