You know what they say, kids will be kids!

Frequent falls, jumping off who knows what, squeezing into tiny spaces — bumps and bruises everywhere! It just comes with the territory…But, these types of uh-ohs can start to create tension or misalignment in your kiddo’s spine, which can also affect their nervous system.
At Grassroots Health & Wellness, we are trained to use gentle + effective techniques that unravel + unwind the tension that builds up in your little’s spine and nervous system as a result of all the mishaps + play!
If there is tension in the neck, you can start to see issues like —
+ Ear infections
+ Congestion
+ Sleep Issues
If there is tension at the bottom of the spine, you can see issues with —
+ Digestion
+ Constipation
+ Walking/Running
+ Bed Wetting
If your child experiences any of these problems, or anything else you can’t seem to find answers for, we are happy to check your child’s nervous system to see if they are experiencing any unnecessary spinal tension.
We love helping your kiddos experience their best life!

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